Things You Need To Know About Students Who Are Working While Studying

What do you think if you hear someone who is studying while working? Feel amazed or just ordinary?


Lecture while working is a combination of two things that are enough to make the mind spin and think hard. How not, people who study while working must be able to divide their time, share their thoughts between college and work. But it is not uncommon for someone who goes to college on the job to get good grades while studying.

One of the influencing factors is the importance of time for those who go to college while working so they will tend to focus as much as possible on learning. Here are some things that relate to people who study while working:

1. Sleepy during college
Don't be surprised if people who go to college while working will be drowsy in class when the lecture takes place. This is normal, because in reality they lack time to rest. Their free time is not the same as students in general. They must take advantage of 24 hours a day to study, work, study and rest. So, don't be surprised if you have a friend who studies at work and he likes to sleep in class.

2. Rarely seen on campus activities outside academic activities
Sharing the time between learning and work alone is very time consuming, especially if you have to add activities off campus. Indeed, important off-campus activities are followed by students so that they are able to hone skills and skills outside of academics. But because of the lack of time they have, students who go to college while working must be able to prioritize the activities they need to do. So don't be surprised if these students rarely appear in activities outside academic activities.

3. More silence
More silence actually depends on the personality of the student himself. However, usually students who study while working easily feel tired and tired due to lack of rest time, and this leads to their attitude which tends to be quiet. In addition, the condition that is easily tired also makes them tend to be emotional and easily angry.

4. More mature
Some people who are faced with tasks and jobs that are very time consuming tend to mature as they get busy. They will be more professional in managing time and dividing their minds to complete their tasks.

5. Value of courses
The learning time that students have at work is certainly very little, so don't be surprised if their grades are not as good as students in general. But not infrequently there are students who have very good achievements even though they study while working. All depends on the intentions and efforts made.

Those are some things related to students who study while working. It doesn't matter however the conditions are, keep the spirit in studying and believe that where there is a will, there is a way.