South Korea, Double Degree and Christmas

One scholarship program from the Ministry of Education and Culture is the flagship scholarship. This scholarship is intended for students who take a double degree. Have you not heard of the double degree program? Double degree or double degree program, quoted from the Kopertis page, is the implementation of a joint study program and mutual recognition of graduation between domestic and international universities with universities abroad. For more details you can also read the explanation here.

1. 2012-2014 Kemendikbud Superior Scholarship
The owner, whose full name is Gregorius Rionugroho Harvianto, started his master's program for one year at Diponegoro University with a concentration of Technology Membrane. One year later at Pukyong National University with a concentration of Extraction Technology. So, in 2014 he received two master engineering degrees.

2. Brain Korea (BK-21) Plus Scholarships
Shortly before graduating from S2, this Jakarta-born young man felt he needed more knowledge, so he decided to continue his doctoral degree through Professor's research scholarship. Armed with information from Indonesian friends in Korea or Perpika, Rio tried to apply all of these opportunities. Praise the Lord, he was accepted at various universities in Korea. "With a variety of considerations, I chose an S3 study in Chemical Engineering at Yeungnam University," said the fan of Three Idiots in films.

3. DAAD Summer School Scholarships in Essen, Germany
Europe does have its own charm both for the streets, the atmosphere, its buildings, as well as its education. Rio had the opportunity to taste German soil by participating in the Summer School For Water Treatment and Management program organized by the DAAD in September 2016. This program was followed by Rio when he was taking a doctorate in Korea.

4. The culture of people in Korea is unique
Living in Korea for about 4 years, there are memorable things that Rio feels from Korean people according to him. In addition to hard work in earnest, in Korea also has the longest working hours. "But if the weekend, usually Friday night, also has the longest playing time. If there is a joint event, just one round is not enough, for example after eating, you can continue to play bowling, continue to drink, maybe it will be finished karaoke. "

5. Lots of walking or cycling
Living in a one-room that is very close to campus, is also a profitable thing. This young man was born 26 years ago, everyday in Korea, going to campus or to the nearest Catholic church on foot or by bicycle. This is because the nearest church in Rio is accessible. "It feels like a district or district, there must be a Catholic church in Korea," he said.

6. Christmas euphoria
Christmas celebrations are a fun moment for some. Including Rio. Although the last few years he celebrated Christmas in Korea, Christmas habits in Indonesia can still be run in Korea. "The Fasting Development Acts that existed before Easter also continued. Praise God that communication with family in Indonesia can work well too. "

7. Inspiration from Father and motivation from the Advisor
Good quote is memorable. "The quote that made an impression on me forever is from Father Seogija, who said 100% Catholic is 100% Indonesian." If it is interpreted more deeply, our beliefs and beliefs in God make us have the responsibility to provide the best for the Indonesian homeland. "You could say that is also one of my motivations to contribute to Indonesia wherever and no matter how small, such as when carrying out the mandate as president of the PPI Korea (Perpika)," Rio continued.

8. Follow various communities or organizations, academic events
Feeling that our existence is for a positive change in other people, makes it even more important to make achievements. Having served as President of PPI Korea, World PPI Asia Oceania Region, Indonesian Catholic Family in Busan (KKIB), did not make Rio off guard. On the contrary, "I feel that the 24 hour God gave us is enough to divide the right time between organization, academics and worship. Do each of them in a focused and 100% way it seems to work, "answered the young man who had received an honorary award" plaque of appreciation "for Indonesian citizen from the Indonesian Embassy in the Republic of Korea, Seoul in July 2015.

9. Keep moving forward
All people in Indonesia can really realize their dreams.
Last but not least, keep moving forward. Use internet media as well as possible. For SB buddies who want to apply for a scholarship, all the conditions must be well prepared, not in a hurry and certainly never give up to realize your dreams.