Master's Study in Leicester with MoRA Scholarship

Just because he lived in a pesantren, Nurul initially wasn't sure of his English skills. Indeed, (certification test) in English is the main requirement for SB friends who wish to continue their studies abroad. Nevertheless, even though he had the guts, he was determined to realize the dream of "study abroad."

Not discouraged, he began to study English. Struggling studied IELTS until taking a 3x test to get a score of 6.5; a minimum IELTS score for most overseas universities. On the other hand, he also prepared all the academic documents needed. "Speaking of the process, there are so many processes that must be passed, especially I am not from a brilliant group (which is mostly awardees are people who are brilliant hehe) and very mediocre English skills," replied the owner of the full name Nurul Hidayatul Ummah, when asked about the application process and its challenges as students. Indeed there are no results that betray the business, so don't give up and keep praying and keep going!

Through the MoRA (Ministry of Religious Affairs) Scholarship, whose information he heard from the alumni of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta at the beginning of 2015, finally, Nurul set foot to continue his master's degree in Global Media and Communication at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, this year. In the department, he studied matters relating to communication, development in various countries and globalization. There is nothing specific about who inspires to study abroad. But, the alumni of the Tarbiyatut Tholabah Islamic boarding school Lamongan admitted that there were many people who inspired him, especially foreign graduates.

Adaptation; weather, food, places of worship
Arriving in Leicester in September 2017, which is the area entered the autumn weather; temperature ranges from 9-15 degrees Celsius, take 3 weeks to adapt to the new environment.

According to Nurul, staying there is quite pleasant, "Leicester is a city that is very tolerant and Muslim friendly." Halal food in Leicester is easy to find. This is because the average population (especially those living near campus) is immigrants from Pakistan, most of whom are Muslims. Besides being easy to find halal food, in the city also has three large mosques that are not too far from the campus and where Nurul lives.

Facing Cultural Differences
Although Leicester offers convenience in worship, securing halal food and the hospitality of some Muslim communities that welcome newcomers, the country's culture is contrary to life in pesantren.
"There are things that are contradictory indeed in terms of culture, where everyone is very free to do something, free to look, drink liquor along the way, even kissing in various places, of course, this is very contrary to the age of life in the cottage first. But as students who have received religious education, we are obliged to fortify ourselves by always dhikr and remembering Allah, God willing, we will always be given protection, "explained the woman born in Lamongan, East Java.

Santri Habits
Some of the things that Nurul still adheres to are reading the suras of Yasin-Tahlil on Friday even though he is alone. In addition, practicing sunnah; read the prayer, pray when you start work. While still in the pesantren, many practices were carried out by students regularly. However, this did not happen to Nurul when in one of the British cities, such as jam'iyah (associations, religious discussions, diba'iyah), due to cultural differences and especially not all Indonesian students in the city were Muslims.

Masyayikh's advice
The message held firmly by Nurul, who is an alumnus of the Department of Da'wah Management UIN Jakarta, until now is a motto of KH Muhammad Baqir Adelan, that is, if you have faith, then Allah will predict success for you all the time. "The point is always to keep istiqomah.

The benefits of nyantri are still felt
When in pesantren, santri do a lot of activities. Therefore students are required to have good time management. This Sherlock Holmes movie fan added, "Here is very useful time management benefits because of the tight lecture schedule and assignments that are quite racking the brain. In the past, the cottage was taught to respect other people, here it is also very felt during the seminar class, we can respect the opinions of others without criticizing. "