Everything About College Student

Students are taken from the forming syllables. Supreme and Students, or students who have the highest level. As a high school student, of course students are already educated, because they just perfect their learning to become a complete learned man.

Everything About College Student

What is expected of a student? Indeed, this expectation is divided into strata, namely for the S1 level, a student is expected to be able to understand a concept, be able to map the problem and choose the best solution for the problem according to an in-depth understanding of the concepts that have been learned. For S2 degree, students are expected to be able to formulate something useful or worth more for their field. While the S3 is expected to be able to contribute new knowledge to its fields.

Of all the strata there are things that must be consistently shown by students. That is, in the face of problems, a student must analyze the problem. Looking for supporting materials to better understand these problems. Then bring up alternative solutions and choose one solution with careful consideration.

Student Life

The living person must have a story, starting a good story until even a bad story exists. If life doesn't have anything to do with it all his life? Want a sweet story like coffee and want to have a story like sugar, but just have a story while alive. In fact, until people die, there is a story, now I have become a student. I will tell you all about the lives of students today.

First Enter Lecture

First, when I go to college, there are students who are very early, even before the campus is open, they are already in front of the campus, they arrive early in the morning because they are afraid of not getting a seat, there are also students who come late because they wake up late, because they forget where they are, or intentionally arrived at late-telatin. The first person to come is already used to getting a bench in the first row, but it's not like students. Instead they chose the bench in the back. They are a bunch of people who want more than usual. It was truly astonished at the determination of students who wanted to look different. What else plays, I am what I am. Really adverts to his motto, but the original is cool. Now the students choose a place to sit and have a story. Come on, just look at the picture next to it, so it's better to eat.

Lecture Departure Hours

Entering college in the morning at 7 o'clock, so you have to sleep fast, you can't be too lazy. Let me arrive early in the morning and not come late to campus. Before leaving, definitely take a shower first to look as fast as possible. Not bad if there are girls who hit. What is like this is normal. Remember, if the student is looking for something that is not just said normal. It really is true that the student sleeps is not too late, but that does not mean the wake must be morning. And there's no need to take a bath. Here is an illustration of what happened when I wanted to know.

During the exam

Well like that is the student during the exam. It's exactly the same as the activities in the picture above. But that is not cheating because the student is not in the cheat box. They are more happy looking for inspiration because sometimes the inspiration often comes when they look right, left, or behind. If you look forward, then the inspiration can be dispersed. There is also an inspiration that is so sure to come when you look down at the feet and read a little graffiti on the paper pen which is made all night before the exam.

Not all students can get such amazing inspiration. There are also those who have different abilities because they are more enthusiastic about answering answers in seconds when the exam is complete. This ability can be said of SKB which stands for Free Waiver System. Noh see the picture below.

Lika Liku is a student

You need to remember all the students and students and prospective students and female students of the new generation, so a student is not as beautiful and as peaceful as on TV and FTV which in the scene just to go to campus casually depart from home, no matter what time the scene departs important ngampus, when I arrived at the campus I did not rush to the class in the scene where he hung out first at the cafeteria in the cafeteria. Then you can be acquainted with a beautiful student with the mode of looking for a student who is more complicated to bring a book suddenly the student doesn't know intentionally or not to bump a female student who is more complicated to bring the book, then the student is an acquaintance with the student, asks the cafeteria to chat casually ask the cellphone number and BB pin are soon invented. But if the class is 180 degrees compared to the normal one when it's normal, when on FTV in the class it is not complicated to have to do individual and group assignments, but in class only BBMan, PDKT and female students, and can go out of class as they like.