Become a creative, innovative and care student

Creativity is an integral part of the thinking of campus academics, especially students, where creativity is the ability to produce new things that have never been before. The process of producing new things can come from the imaginative process of the creator himself, can also come from previous information and experience about what will be created, then the creator will merge and update the work and ideas that have existed to produce new works and ideas, and different from the works that already existed before. Creativity as a process or ability that reflects fluency, flexibility (flexibility) and originality in thinking, as well as the ability to elaborate (develop, enrich, detail) an idea. This understanding emphasizes aspects of the process of change (innovation and variation).


Finding ways out of the ordinary or Thinking out of the box, is demanded by all parties so that the term "antimeanstream" appears. As students we are required to be more creative and innovative. Creative in finding new and innovative ideas in finding new ways to overcome existing problems. According to experts, someone who is creative is not always finding new things, but he always sees things in a different and new way, and is usually not seen by others. Creative people, generally know the problem very well and discipline, usually can do something different from the usual ways. The creativity process involves the existence of new ideas, useful, even though sometimes they cannot be implemented. Many examples become a forum for students to create and innovate, such as the activities of Student Entrepreneurship Program (PKM) Student Entrepreneurship Program (PMW), Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI), Innovation Competitions such as Black Innovation Needles and other Innovation Competitions. Another very real container is the availability of student organizations in the scope of the university itself. Of course, with the existence of existing activities, as well as the projects provided, it can clearly help to hone your potential in creative and innovative fields.

From various theories, creativity is divided into various kinds until getting innovation, namely:
1. Creating something that has never been there;
2. Conveying creative ideas, so that creativity can be known by others;
3. Creating a creation that if used by others, the benefits can be felt and make it creative;
4. Realizing the creativity of the previous levels to be beneficial for the whole community;
5. New innovations that mean creating new creativity or creativity.
With optimal creativity and innovation by students, of course with the guidance of lecturers, innovative works that will be useful for the community will emerge, so that the students' care to ground their work will be even higher.