5 Things You Will Face When Becoming a New Student

Being a new student is indeed quite fun. But behind all the joys and sorrows of being a new student, there will always be some challenges that you must face. The challenges here are in the form of confusion or dilemma about the best ways to be done in order to get through these challenges.


In every case there will always be challenges that you must face. Likewise when you become a new student. Here are 5 challenges that you must face when becoming a new student.

1. Confused about what clothes you use when you use a bag
The first thing that becomes a problem for new students is the fashion problem. Starting from what clothes you have to wear, what kind of shoes should you use. This happens because usually every day you always use the same uniform when you go to school. Whereas when you are in college you have to wear clothes that are not always the same as your friends.

If you are confused when choosing what clothes you will use when going to school. You should use only clothes that you consider comfortable and polite. It doesn't have to be bothered guys, because comfort is something that must be said first.

2. Confused about hanging out on campus
A hangout is the next problem that you will face when you become a new student. Maybe this sounds pretty trivial, but the hangout itself is a place that can make your student's enthusiasm even higher. Because usually there you will release fatigue after a day of study.

For you new students who are still confused about the problem of the hangout. You don't need to be confused anymore, because you can use parks, stalls near the campus

3. Confused with a learning system that is quite different from high school
If you think the learning system during high school with college is the same, you must change that mind from now on. Because in reality this is very different. In fact there are some new students who have to adjust themselves first to this different learning system. Just relax again guys, as long as you keep on encouraging, someday you will also get used to the new learning system.

4. Confused about how to deal with a killer teacher
Indeed, not all lecturers are always haunted and killer. But there are always teachers who are always feared by students. Especially for you students who are still relatively new. Actually the lecturers are all good, but only the way to express their care and love is different. So you have to be diligent in entering the class and you must always look good so that you can become a proud student.

5. Especially for overseas children is a matter of independence
Next is the problem of independence, if this one is really special for those of you who wander far from where you live. Maybe usually you are always with family, but when you are in college you are required to be an independent person by doing anything alone. This one thing doesn't need to be confused, guys, because this position is really very useful for you overseas students. This is where you will learn more and here you will find your identity.

That's the 5 confusion or problem that you will face when you become a new student. No matter how difficult the problems you face when you become your new student don't worry guys. You can definitely go through it, provided you can be serious.